In this dev log I’ll show details about new things we added to Mecha Simultactics like HUD design, map props, and the “Burst” action.

But first, let’s celebrate a milestone: 6,000 wishlists! 🎉 This is an important milestone because Steam will now list the game in the Popular Upcoming sections, generally increasing visibility of the game.

Thank you so much for your interest in Mecha Simultactics and for waiting patiently while I work on the Alpha build! If you want to make sure you don’t miss the Alpha release, you can stay in the loop in various ways. Sign up for all the things!

HUD Design

Begone placeholders! Here you can see the new battle UI. Here’s the action menu and the clash menu. The clash menu opens if you and your opponent attack at the same time.

Action Menu Action Menu

Clash Menu Clash Menu

Map Props

We’re adding some flavor to the maps with props, like trees and cars. You can create your own props in custom maps, too.

Props 1

Props 2


I’m often asked if it’s possible to break a combo if your mech is airborne or getting juggled.


I just started working on the “Burst” action which allows you to break free and gain control of your mech. It’s still a work in progress, but here’s how it looks so far. If you have Burst available, you will get the option to use it while you are being knocked back.

Burst Menu

What’s Next

The Alpha build is getting very close. Thank you for waiting!! I’m still working on fixing some bugs and ironing out the actions and attacks.

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Mecha Simultactics is a simultaneous-turn-based competitive tactics game with isometric grid battlefields, customizable mechs, anime-inspired battle replays, and online multiplayer PvP. Each turn, all players select their actions, which are then executed at the same time. Your available actions depend on the outcome of the previous turn.

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