Here’s an update about what we recently added to Mecha Simultactics, and what’s coming up next.

Listen To The Soundtrack

The soundtrack is now in progress! It will feature EDM, breakcore, and techno created by System ST91. We just released a track from the OST. Listen to it here!

Predict Future Turns

You can preview the next turn while you are selecting your action to predict how it might play out.

Preview 1

Preview 2

Preview 3

Customize Your Mech

Mech customization is a highly requested feature. The characters are now split up into multiple sprites, so you can fine-tune their colors. Plus, there will be various equipment options to choose from, visible on your mech.

Custom 1

Custom 2

Custom 3

You might be wondering if there will be other types of mechs. The answer is yes! But, I’ll show those in a future update.

Current State of Development

Mecha Simultactics is not quite ready for playtesting yet, but it’s getting close. There are two major things I need to fix before sending out invitations to playtest the game.

  1. Battle UI

The in-game UI is pretty confusing and janky. I need to add some more information like stats, and fix some input issues.

  1. Attack Balancing/Fixes

Attacks are just a proof of concept right now. So, you can spam them and easily grief each other. I need to tweak and balance them a bit. This will be an ongoing process even after release.

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Mecha Simultactics is a simultaneous-turn-based competitive tactics game with isometric grid battlefields, customizable mechs, anime-inspired battle replays, and online multiplayer PvP. Each turn, all players select their actions, which are then executed at the same time. Your available actions depend on the outcome of the previous turn.

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