Since the last update I’ve been working on several features for Mecha Simultactics. I implemented the vertical axis, improved the battle UI, and added features to the map editor.


The vertical axis opens up a ton of strategic possibilities. I have finally implemented elevation, allowing you to climb the terrain and fall down if you jump or get knocked off a ledge.

Vertical Axis

Battle UI

I’ve been working on improving the battle HUD. We have not created graphics for it yet, but I improved the layout and added necessary information like a minimap, targeted player info, and selected attack information.

UI 1

UI 2

Also, you can now see characters and the grid behind walls.

Battle Grid

Custom Maps

Up until now the map editor was very janky. Well, It’s still janky. But slightly less so. Map data is now saved in a shareable format so you can share maps with other players. Steam Workshop is not implemented yet though. That will come later.

I also made it so you can create your own terrain textures in custom maps.

Custom Map

What’s Next

Now I’m working on polishing up the combat and balancing the attacks. After that, I will release an alpha build for playtesting!

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Mecha Simultactics is a simultaneous-turn-based competitive tactics game with isometric grid battlefields, customizable mechs, anime-inspired battle replays, and online multiplayer PvP. Each turn, all players select their actions, which are then executed at the same time. Your available actions depend on the outcome of the previous turn.

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