Welcome back, friends! Rival Megagun has missed you. We’re friends, right? I hope so. Speaking of friends, let’s discuss Buddy 2.0, the other half of the friendly duo. Last time we learned about Ruby and his friendship with Buddy 2.0. This time, we learn about the other side of the story.

Buddy Portrait

Name: Buddy 2.0

Age: 22 Human Years

Special Attack: Flank Missile

Mega Gunship: Buddy 2000

Buddy 2.0 proves that not all robots are unemotive automatons. Buddy 2.0 cares deeply for Ruby, and had to join Rival Megagun to prevent him from getting hurt. Thing is, Rival Megagun is a dangerous game, and FriendBots aren’t programmed to fight, so Buddy 2.0 installed some combat upgrades he found on the dark web. I guess Buddy 2.0 isn’t so friendly after all.

Buddy 2.0 doesn’t need to pilot a ship - his built-in jet pack will do just fine. He also comes equipped with a deadly laser beam. When that’s not enough to tear up enemies, try his special attack - Flank Rockets. Acting like the inverse of Ruby’s Quick Rockets, the Flank Rockets are shot from behind the opponent and force them to pay attention to both what’s up ahead and what’s down below. Buddy 2.0 is certainly not your friend on the battlefield.

Buddy special weapon

When Buddy 2.0 maxes out his Attack Power, he can obtain the ultimate upgrade - Buddy 2000. Mechanizing into a giant fighting robot, Buddy 2000 has the firepower to make him a feared foe. Instead of shooting one measly laser beam, now it’s doubled - two lasers. Then, when your opponent is on the ropes, dish out the coup de grâce - a deadly strike with his giant fists. Yeesh, I dread what kind of chaos Buddy 3000 will bring.



Rival Megagun is a competitive split-screen shoot 'em up where you transform into a giant boss ship and battle your rival head-to-head in local or online PvP.

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