Greetings once again! We’re back with another character to add to the rogue’s gallery of weird characters in Rival Megagun! This time we have a literal rogue. A villain. A ne’er-do-well. Dr. Magic.

Gen Portrait

Name: Dr. Magic

Age: 53

Special Attack: X Mine

Mega Gunship: Infinity Cannon

We’re not sure if Dr. Magic is a real doctor or not. It could be a self-appointed title. What we do know, though, is Dr. Magic really wants to rule the world. Unfortunately for him, with the arrival of the Harvesters, everyone is too focused on the alien invasion to pay attention to this old villain. Dr. Magic wants nothing more than to be noticed and appreciated for his evil schemes, and he’s willing to do anything to get the attention he thinks he deserves. Now Dr. Magic is back to work, but his technological ingenuity and intimidating weaponry are being used to save the planet rather than rule it.

Dr. Magic’s ship, the STAR Eon, shoots a concentrated volley of bullets and features the special attack X Mine. After triggering the attack, Dr. Magic launches a handful of mines to the opponent’s screen, giving them no option but to play defensively. This is great during multiplayer PVP, where putting pressure on opponents and limiting movement are always safe options to eke out a victory.

Gen special weapon

Finally, we come to Dr. Magic’s Mega Gunship, the Infinity Cannon. The Infinity Cannon requires the player to use some thought when approaching the enemy. Bullets are slow and deliberate. Its laser attacks must be fired from a standstill. The ultimate attack is a black hole that sucks in your opponents. The Infinity Cannon has a steep learning curve, but once you master its many abilities, you’ll take over the world in no time. I mean - save the world. Ahem.



Rival Megagun is a competitive split-screen shoot 'em up where you transform into a giant boss ship and battle your rival head-to-head in local or online PvP.

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