Here we are, at our last character reveal for Rival Megagun. Thankfully, we’ve saved the best for last - Smith​, the juvenile junker. The mini mechanic. The 9-year-old technological savant.

Smith Portrait

Name: Smith

Age: 9

Special Attack: Proximity Mine

Mega Gunship: Giga Tank

Smith is a drifter who calls Earth’s orbit her home. She collects the very same materials as the Harvesters. Able to build anything from scrap (including her very own mech), Smith just wants to be left alone to work on her incredible inventions.

Unfortunately, Child Protective Services has other ideas for the child prodigy, sending agents on an almost daily basis to try to transfer her to foster care. Frustrated, Smith enters Rival Megagun to win the prize money so she can buy her own private property where no one can disturb her work.

Her precociousness isn’t limited to her ambition. She also has the firepower and skill to back it up. Smith’s mech, named Tank, may be self-built, but it stands on equal footing with the ships of her peers. It tears through Harvesters with shotgun blasts as green as her hair. Better yet, her special attack is next-level. The Proximity Mine can easily blindside careless opponents. Once they’re tossed over, they have a short delay before exploding into tiny bits of shrapnel. And if an opponent makes contact with the mine at any point, it’ll prematurely trigger and decimate them. This kid isn’t messing around.

Smith special weapon

True to her nature, Smith’s Mega Gunship is just as scrappy as she is. Giga Tank is imposing and fierce. When it’s not shooting out exploding orbs and fireballs, it’s preparing rockets that will track the opponent. Her final move is even tougher to avoid - Giga Tank launches lasers that freeze in place. What’s going on, your opponent wonders. Then, the lasers move. Bam. They track your opponent and finish them off. Smith specializes in surprise. Next time you’re tempted to call her a dumb little girl, think twice. For your own safety.

And that’s it! All six playable characters. Every single one. No secret characters at all. What? You think I’m lying? Of course I’m not lying.

Now that you’ve been prepped on the main characters of Rival Megagun, it’s time to take the next step. Find the one who best matches your play style. Challenge other players to PVP. Be the best dang hero ever. And make sure you destroy the Harvesters for good.



Rival Megagun is a competitive split-screen shoot 'em up where you transform into a giant boss ship and battle your rival head-to-head in local or online PvP.

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