Last weekend Degica showed Rival Megagun at the Tokyo Sandbox indie game festival. The event was on April 14th and 15th.

Last weekend we also debuted the new trailer for Rival Megagun and announced that it will be releasing on all platforms. That’s PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch!

Rival Megagun was played live on Twitch both days of the Tokyo Sandbox event.

And finally, an article about Rival Megagun and the other shmups at the event was posted on Famitsu here (Japanese).

Rival Megagun will be playable again at Bitsummit in Kyoto on May 12 and 13.



Rival Megagun is a competitive split-screen shoot 'em up where you transform into a giant boss ship and battle your rival head-to-head in local or online PvP.

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