Rival Star Hero

What is Rival Star Hero?

Update 2017/05/09 - Updated the article with newer screenshots.

We at Spacewave Software are developing a competitive shoot 'em up (also known as shmup, or STG) video game called Rival Star Hero. In this two-player online and local split-screen versus shmup, the goal is to sabotage your opponent by overwhelming them with obstacles and other attacks. The fast-paced gameplay takes inspiration from Cho Ren Sha 68K (Famibe no Yosshin, 1995), with hectic punch-your-friend-in-the-arm action influenced by Twinkle Star Sprites (ADK, 1996).

Rival Star Hero alpha screenshot Rival Star Hero alpha screenshot

Your combo meter increases as you destroy alien ships. Once your combo expires, your opponent will be barraged with obstacles. Think Tetris Attack, except with explosives...and spaceships, and aliens, and lots of bullets. At any time you can choose to "Break" your chain, which will launch attacks directly at your opponent. Breaking your chain will end your combo early. The bigger your combo, the more powerful your attack.

Rival Star Hero alpha - combo meter Rival Star Hero alpha - combo meter

If you keep your combo going for long enough without it breaking or expiring, you will get the opportunity to launch a Super attack. A Super attack essentially transforms your ship into a huge boss, which then infiltrates your opponent's screen. You take control of this boss to swarm your opponent with bullet hell fury.

Update 2017/05/09 - We scrapped the "Break" system for an attack power system. Details here.

Rival Star Hero alpha screenshot - Super Attack Rival Star Hero alpha screenshot - Super Attack

Rival Star Hero will feature 2-player multiplayer versus mode and single-player story/arcade mode. We are a small indie team, and we've set out to make a game that we like to play. We hope you like it too.

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