Hello. Welcome back to Rival Megagun. Today, we’re covering Nano, the half-human, half-cyberspace contestant from Rival Megagun. Nano is perfect in every way. Her chances of winning Rival Megagun? 100%. Don’t @ me.

Nano Portrait

Name: Nano

Age: 26

Special Attack: Force Field

Mega Gunship: Buzzkill

I-is she gone? OK. Let’s get down to business. Nano couldn’t care less about carbon-based lifeforms, despite being half-human herself. Instead, Nano is more concerned with her mechanical half. The part of her fused with cyberspace. Nano can manipulate networks. She can control electronics. Hell, she might even be in your computer right now. Make sure your information is encrypted.

Nano dreams of eternal life within cyberspace’s bits and bytes - to be pure, unfiltered data. Once she wins Rival Megagun and claims the prize money, she will complete her transition and finally be one with the virtual world.

Nano’s ship, the STAR Stinger, is a change of pace compared to what we’ve seen so far. Her bullets travel in sine waves, reflecting her digital identity. Her ship’s special attack - Force Field - throws out expanding laser barriers, trapping unfortunate enemies and KO’ing those who don’t pay attention.

Nano special weapon

Bzzt-bzzt. I-is that a connection error? No, it’s Nano’s Mega Gunship - Buzzkill. Whereas Nano is half- human and half-cyberspace, Buzzkill is half-gunship, half-insect. With a cold, mechanical exoskeleton and tricky attacks, Buzzkill is a force to be reckoned with. Its rockets have a delay, giving enemies no option but to play Nano’s game of calculated spacing. Shmups are not just about bullets, though, as shown with Buzzkill’s trump card. After winding up, Buzzkill charges forward, piercing enemy ships and leaving behind many a grieving widow. Talk about bugged gameplay mechanics. Was that supposed to be funny? N-no, ma’am!



Rival Megagun is a competitive split-screen shoot 'em up where you transform into a giant boss ship and battle your rival head-to-head in local or online PvP.

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